Statement of the Civil Society after the end of the High Level Session at COP11

We, the civil society, see that the focus of the Parties should be tackling the major drivers of land degradation. There has been little discussion about mining industry, deforestation and large scale agriculture. Distinguished delegates, we want to see the action of your governments to set limits for these major drivers of land degradation.

To end land degradation we need strong and democratic governments to govern the use of the scarce land resources and to ensure rights to land for people nurturing it. Effective cooperation between agricultural, forest, environmental, economic, industrial, and development sectors is needed. Synergy of the three Rio conventions needs to be achieved.

Without secure land and DLDD community land rights, it is not only difficult to replicate good practices; there is no incentive to replicate. It is an undeniable fact that issues can only be scaled up if there is interest and political will to do that. We appeal to our Honourable Ministers to take up the issues of DLDD to highest political levels at national levels.

We, the civil society, are committed to work on combating desertification and land degradation on all levels. We urge the Parties to ensure that UNCCD only engages with business and industry entities that are committed to sustainable livelihoods of people in dryland communities and to healthy ecosystems.

The civil society wants to remind the Parties that this convention is about land. We, the civil society, want to see a clear roadmap to the end of land degradation and the Parties committing to it.

Thank you Chair.

Delivered by Fathima Noura


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